Ash vs. Evil Dead

I was delighted when I found Ash vs. Evil Dead years ago, and still find it worth mentioning still today. From the B-Flick Movie series that brought Ash to life, to a TV Series that lasted 3 seasons... Bruce Campbell definitely did a good job of Keeping Ashy Slashy King of the Horror B's!


The music in Ash vs. Evil Dead is amazing!

It really ties into the action and sometimes just lends itself to the comedic timing.

I'm not going to get into it in depth here, but recommend you check out the writeup I did on Mewsixz about it!

Season One Packs a Punch!

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Starting out it introduces and pushes together the main characters, and establishes Ash's role in the books reanimation. The first episode sets the bar pretty high, but there's some crazy deadite action all the way through. Endless pursuit by a variety of forces, Ash has to figure out why it's all happening again! Some solid scenes and a reintroduction to some of the lore really makes this season shine. You can tell a few times there's moments where they want to elude towards or reference things from Army of Darkness, but I believe licensing issues were a concern... If you desperately need a good fix of Deadite-Killing, One-Lining, Shotgun-Totting, One-Handed, Demon-Beating Gore-Making Goodness, Ash's got you covered... in Gore! Despite his best attempts to save the world time and time again, he's always being seen as the bad guy. It's only when shit hits the fan and sprays in their faces that they finally believe, for some that's too late...

Spoiler Warning, Trailers for later seasonS below!

Season 2 drags them back into the thick of it!

After dodging the darkness, they're dragged back into the Bad Wind's influence... Starting out with our Heros in Jacksonville, Florida we see them living the high life. They are pulled back out of retirement soon enough though... Soon hereafter the director's took a #2 all over this season, literally! Trying not to ooze spoilers, but all in all, this season's a step over the line. A trip to Prince Albert along the way, but Ashy Slashy's heading back home to Elk Grove... As you find out more about Ash's past, you'll also see the effect of the first movies events on his life. Meet what's left of the family and friends Ash has in his hometown, they'll get dragged into the dark too!

Season 3 had both its bad and good...

Although I'm a fan of the whole series and Season 3 brought back the Deep Purple - It just didn't have the same vibe as the first. The tribute to Army of Darkness was nice, but it almost seemed like they lost the spark that made the first season epic... The soudtrack was a good tongue-in-cheek for the most part, but usually the music was more just a chunk here and there or just the credits. Even when Stormbringer came on, it was a bit more campy humor than one would expect with Ash chugging back a beer while cruising towards danger as usual. Luckily the end made up for it with what only can be described as a Heavy Metal Album Punch-Out ending...

Reddit's AMA with Bruce Campbell adds a bit more...

Hearing from the star of the Series and Movies himself is an interesting perspective. It's neat to see his own view on his stardom and where he sees himself in society. Maybe he doesn't give Ash enough credit for his smarts in my opinion, but even the highest of intelligence slips in and out of idiocy a multitude of times a day.

You can check out the Starz Official Site, but it doesn't even have a whisper about the 3rd season on it... It's disappointing that they cancelled the series, but you could tell they kinda struggled after the first season. Anyways, you can hunt down all 3 seasons on a variety of streaming services, blueray and dvd. Netflix, Steam, Hulu and Amazon amongst others.