Indestructible Shoes

A few months ago I purchased shoes online. I've never been a fan of doing so, as I've always had to try on dozens of shoes before finding comfortable ones that fit. Unfortunately there isn't a store nearby that I know of that offers the Indestructible shoes, so I decided to give it a shot.

Lucky for me they fit pretty snug. I ordered 2 pairs when I did my order, the second being slip-on's. They didn't arrive until a few weeks later and I had lost my job, so I sold them to a friend. At first they were too tight, but then the elastics stretched, leaving them too loose. I suggested he try buying 2 sets of insoles as that's what I did with my old slip-on steel toes to get them to fit snugly.

While typically I prefer slip-on's, I kept the camo ones for myself and sold my friend the slip-on's.

In general they are very light and good quality but both me and my friend have managed to trash the heel of our indestructible shoes in just a few months.

So, even though a nail can't pierce the bottom and the composite toes are a nice touch, indestructible they are not. On top of that the leather backing under the original heel fabric dyed my socks heels pretty quick from walking around on a rain day.

I'm still happy with my purchase, as they are very light and give me toe protection.

In general, they are very solid shoes and look like they'll provide over a year of solid wear. I skateboard/longboard too, so they've stayed in fairly good shape considering.

To sum it all up, I'm quite impressed with the quality and comfort my shoes have provided me. The biggest issues have been the heels wearing out a bit fast. I also bought the insoles from indestructible for my shoes and found them to be quite pleasant so far.

If you're in need of some toe protection (mind you, they aren't CSA approved yet I don't think... keep that in mind if they are required for work), or just an extremely robust yet light shoe then check them out here!


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