Welcome to Awesome Sauce!

You Could Say It's Saucesome!

We're here to introduce you, or maybe just remind you, of some of the Awesome Sauce that's available, whether old or new!

With a heavy prejudice towards Nerdy Gear, we aim to share some reviews about our favorite items.

Some Old

The past has a funny way you know, of being forgotten for decades or so. So many ideas are getting forgotten, skills that were common are now never gotten - Now we're here to bring your attention to things replaced by modern invention.

There's lots to be learnt from what we did in the past. It helps to prevent repeating the same mistakes alas...


Some New

As time marches on, there's always another. Finding your favorite can be quite the bother.

There's always a new thing being brought to the table. We'll show you some of our favorite in hope that you're able, to find something new, exciting and cool!

Something Borrowed from the Past, What's New?

Nowadays it always seems, somebody's got to be making some memes.