Writing on Stone's Hoodoos are Captivating!

There's a certain appeal to wandering between the Hoodoos. I enjoyed feeling how the wind channels through their bases, slowly wearing them away. Seeing the collapsed tops of the Hoodoos surrounding their bases. All just showing how much wear and tear the old sedimentary layers can take. You can see the difference in colors when the Hoodoos tops start, I assume it indicated when this continent rose from the sea.

Here's a picdump from when I visited right around Winter Solstice time.

Amazing timing, the lighting seemed to be just right!

Wandering through the Hoodoos a day before the start of Winter Solstice was just perfect! The sun was lining up perfectly with the holes in the rocks and the snow gave a good contrast! I can't explain how much I missed with the pics...

Centuries of Erosion after Eons of being pressed into rock from sediment

It's amazing to think of what kid of natural forces worked together to create these Monoliths. Entire species existence rising and falling within mere inches of firmly pressed sand. The raw bat eaty of nature etching its story in a cryptic pattern on the rock faces. Betwen the mind blowing layers of dirt you see the occasional shell or dinosaur poop trapped between layers. Overwhelming amounts of energy formed these places!

A great day for a wander between the Hoodoos

Although a bit brisk, it was a really nice December 20th. The sun bouncing off the Hoodoos bathed me in a warm light. When you were in a corridor or between some really big Hoodoos you could feel the warmth out of the wind. A few tracks from wildlife were around, Deer, maybe a Dog or some other canine... but the timing felt right and the visuals were stunning!

Like a valley of caveman houses

It's a surreal feeling seeing these intricate dwelling like rocks. You'd almost imagine a tiny family of cave people living in amongst the nooks and crannies, but definitely too small for a typical human. The erosion patterns on the rock faces and the trenches in between the Hoodoos, evidence of mother natures work. I find that the most impressive part is the natural sidewalks that seem to be sporadically placed. just flat layers of sedimentary stone that wear evenly and leave flat rocks barely peaking above the surface.

Did you see that?

Maybe it's just me, but I noticed a fair few rocks that resembled other things. Between the Bear Rock and Happiest Rock there, I thoroughly enjoyed looking around.

My favorite part is holes in the Hoodoos

They just always seem to line up with something else. Between capturing the sun or the top of a distant Hoodo, it's amazing!